Skincare product development & innovation

smart. natural. pure. beauty innovation

Biology and the natural world is all around us, it IS us.  We believe that products designed with nature and biology / ecology in mind are not only worth our love and trust, they are where the next generation of innovation lies. We aim to make beauty better, cleaner, more efficacious and sustainable with the combination of smart science and all the best nature has to offer. 

our promise

Skincare and cosmetic products need something special to survive in today's crowded marketplace where consumers seek performance, purity and uniqueness in the products that they use and love.  In a 'sea of sameness', it takes creativity, knowledge and innovation to create products that truly stand out from the crowd with quality and meaning.  What is your story?  How can we create remarkable products together that will make it shine?  Whether they are bound for cult status or have larger appeal, CUTLAN  will help you create unique and obsession worthy products that truly deliver on their promises.  

lets create something extraordinary together !


Study nature. Love nature. Stay close to nature. It will never fail you.
— Frank Lloyd Wright